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Our Spirit-led Journey

The kingdom of heaven is like grain of mustard seed . . . it is the smallest of all seeds but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree.” Matthew 13:31

With this belief in mind, Redeemer was born when 32 members, decided to establish a new congregation, dedicated to the proposition that God was calling them to a noble destiny.  The church was organized in May of 1942 and the Rev. Arthur M. Simenson became its’ pastor.  Services were conducted in the Odd Fellow’s Hall on 25th Street for 5½ years.

The young congregation’s theme was, “Every member a minister for Jesus Christ.”

In November of 1947, the congregation moved to its new property at 37th Street and University Avenue , a site consisting of 1½ acres of land and a large three-story brick house. A small altar was built in the living room of the house and two services were conducted there each Sunday until 1951.

Within five years the congregation had grown to 496 baptized members. Mr. Mortimer B. Cleveland was engaged as the architect for designing a sanctuary on the east side of the house. The basement was finished and served as the sanctuary while construction continued on the East wing from August 1951 To February 1955.

The congregation worshiped in the East wing for 13 years. 

In May 1967, on the 25th anniversary of the church’s founding, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the second time in the church’s history - and construction of a new, larger sanctuary and private chapel was begun.    Plans for the structure in the same Georgian Colonial style were approved that would begin construction on the West Sanctuary.

It took much work, talent and perseverance of may to build the congregation to this point.  Many blazed the trail so that others might follow.  The congregation took on a new theme for this new challenge, ONWARD WITH CHRIST.

“If we are to have any type of success with our future program, whether building buildings, or building the Kingdom, whether growing in numbers or growing in spirit, we need to go “Onward With Christ”.  Without His guidance, His leadership, His inspiration, His ever-presence, our work and plans are in vain.  Therefore, as we pray for guidance, as we accept his leadership, as we submit to His will, we accept as our motto and banner, ONWARD WITH CHRIST.

May this theme, therefore, truly unify our efforts and purposes as our dreams and plans are beginning to reach fruition.”  Pastor Arthur M. Simonsen

On February 11, 1968 the first worship service was held in the new Sanctuary.

Through its history, there have been over 1000 members affiliated with Redeemer.  

The years have seen many changes at Redeemer but the faithfulness and steadfast love of God has not changed.  Redeemer continues to be a lighthouse for the community and a stream in the desert for those who are thirsty.  At present there are three other churches sharing this beautiful place with us along with two other groups that meet in the fellowship hall.  Redeemer continues to live its destiny in the lives of these people and all others who enter in here.